UV Replaceable Adjust Aperture Lamp Head Lash LED Lamp System

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Humidity doesn't matter anymore
Temperature doesn't matter anymore
Seasons do NOT matter anymore
cures completely within 1-3 seconds
An eyelash revolution. Quite simply, without training.
As a trained eyelash stylist, you will get used to the system within minutes and can start using it in no time.
Packing content:
1x UV lamp
1xReplaceable Adjust Aperture Lamp Head
1x power adapter
1x foot switch
2x UV lash glue 5ml
5x black eye pads
1x UV goggles
1.Material: Metal+Aluminium+Silicon
2.AC adpater: Input 100-240V /Output DC5V 1A.
4.UV Wavelength: 395-400nm
5.Lampdimension: Height:110-180CM.Base Diameter:20CM.
6.Operation mode: foot pedal
Without releasing the extension/fans, hold the UV lamp on the adhesive for about 1-3 seconds. The UV adhesive is cured immediately.
Only works with light-curing eyelash glue. Not compatible with conventional eyelash glue.
The soft lamp arm can be bent and adjusted in height at will. Make sure to have the light over the eye immediately for the perfect result. We recommend using the glue drop on a matt and non-reflective glue base.
Does UV lamp harm the eye?
it won’t hurt your eyes! You just have to make sure that neither you nor the customer look directly into the light. because the lamp shines from above onto the closed eyelid and never directly into the eye.
Also you as a lash artist have no direct eye contact with the light and are additionally protected by our UV safety glasses.
If you expose the open eye to UV lamp for a longer period of time, for example minutes: yes!
We only expose to the closed eye for 1-3 seconds. Therefore: no!
(Sunbeds also have UV lamp. A tan/pigmentation only starts after about 8 minutes).

Customer Reviews

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UV glue can quickly dry under UV light irradiation and make it more firmly grafted onto eyelashes. easy to use, very powerful,shipping was very fast !! costumer service great !!

Zoe Garcia

I'm glad I bought it because it has the features I wanted.The key point is that it has a foot switch.

Sara van

me encanto. muy buen material. muy satisfecha.

Mary Ann

marvelous! This uv lamp and uv glue work perfectly together, dry quickly and have a high retention rate.


Everything looks pretty good! I haven't had the chance to tested out but I can't wait!