New Automatic Fanning Machine For Eyelash Extensions


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Who needs this lash device
For beginners, you can learn how to create volume fans in the shortest time.
For advanced lash artists, you can learn how to do speed lashing, and win more clients with your speed and techniques.
In order to store all the accessories you will need, we also add 2 storage boxes, 4 holes tweezer sockets, and 2 outdoor cases for you to put your lash trays, brushes, and tweezers together to get started happily.
Self Fanning Machine, a new innovation in a lash industry: SEVENLASH Lashes fanning machine.The new technology helps to create a perfect lash fan within 1-2 seconds. That’s super easy to create volume fans with regular lash extensions or easy fan lash extensions. We devote ourselves to discovering this new tech to improve your lashing skills, saving more time and money to make the best fans. You will never find that’s hard or waste time for fanning anymore.
There are different techniques in how to create volume lash fans, this in one of them. It is not a replacement for any other techniques, not a shortcut of becoming a qualified lash artist. It is just the industry creativity, the technique optimizing symbol.

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Fully recommended. Arrived early. As is the description, it is very useful. Thanks to the seller for the gifts. I loved