LUV Super Quick-Drying Eyelash Glue

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Oil and waterproof
Speed: 1 - 3 seconds
Humidity: doesn't matter
Room temperature: doesn't matter
Vapor: almost non-existent
Viscosity: liquid
Extender shelf life: 6 to 8 weeks
Color: transparent
Unopened shelf life: 12 months
Shelf life after opening: 6 months, preferably within 3 months (no exposure to light/sunlight/UV)
The texture of the eyelash grafting glue is fine and smooth, easy to extend, the grafted eyelashes are not easy to turn white, and it is gentle and low irritation.
Quick-drying, no traces on the grafting, no whitening, easy to create curling eyelashes.
Used with quantum microwave photoreceptor, the firmness is stronger.
Waterproof, not easy to shed hair, long-lasting makeup.
Stronger than ordinary glue, better root toughness and more comfortable
Suitable for professional eyelash salons.

For how to use LUV super quick-drying eyelash glue, please check:

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Customer Reviews

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Sayaka Uchida

Excellent quality very fast cured and very fast shipping seller 100% recommended

Bunleak Phat

Very good product. it cures fairly quick in UV, dries clear and does what it's supposed to do.

Isabella Tutino
UV Glue

I love it so far! Works great and has improved retention!

Kayla Shurtz
LUV Eyelash Glue

Highly recommended is a good uv lash glue and the drying is perfec,very good seller will buy again

Leila Phillips
LUV Lash Glue

I will keep urchading this very high uv glue.Great customer service.