IBeauty Gel Remover For Eyelash Extension (15ML)


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【INGREDIENTS】4-Methyl-dioxolan-2-one.2-Oxetanone.Brij-78.Brij-52.Polyethyleneglycol.Vinyl polymer.Sodium Stearate.Methyl Parabene.Propyl Parabene.Coliagen.Fragrance.Pigment.
【Color】 Clear
【Product features】
It's very easy to dissolves the eyelash extensions glue,please do not use on sensitive skin,broken skin,avoiding from the eyes,nose and mouth.
Keep out of reach of children
Please do not mix and store with glue,if not,the glue will be dried.
Do not place close to fire.
Because glue is liquid, not all shipping channels accept it. The seller will choose a secure shipping method.
Squeeze 1- 2 drops of PRIMER on a cotton swab or micro brush, Gently cleanse the natural lashes from dirt and oill from the lash using the lash using the cotton swab or micro brush.Let it dry and then start the extension procedure.
Use the remove cotton swabs to dipped some remove gel to apply on the place you extension the eyelash;
After About 10~15s, the false eyelash will fall off.
【New Features】
Dissolve eyelash extension gel quickly, the effect is better!
SAFE GEL FORMULA:Adhesive Gel Remover is perfect for removing old lash extensions prior to the application of a new full-set.This remover has a gel-like consistency and safe non-drip formula.
WORKS FAST:Remover has a powerful and brand-new formula. This product will dissolve lash adhesive in just one minute, ensuring faster and more efficient lash extension removal for you or your clients. This extra strength solvent will remove glue with ease from even the strongest eyelash glues in just 60 seconds, saving you precious time and effort.
NO UNPLEASANT SMELLS OR FUMES: our adhesive gel remover comes with a refreshing scent and has no fumes which cause headaches. Extremely gentle on the eyes and only requires a minimal amount .

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