Eyelash Separator Kit For Separating Eyelashes Extensions


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When it comes to creating long-lasting, high-quality eyelash extensions, isolating each natural lash before applying extensions is crucial. Separating natural lashes ensures no two lashes become stuck together, which could cause discomfort for your client and give you a clumpy result. To help you streamline your lash extension application, we’re sharing our favorite tools for separating natural lashes.
Lash Separator Kit include:
Lash Separator Pads x 1pair
Lash Separator Clips x 2 pcs
Lubricating Oil x 1
Fixing glue x 1
Mascara brush x5PCS
Reusable eye pads x 3
1. Reusable•Enhanced Efficiency•Easy Isolation
2. Super Soft•Single-Hand Precision
3. Suitable for professional use•Simultaneous work on left and right eyes.
1. Beauty artifact: eyelash separator eyelash ironing silicone gasket is a fashionable and practical cosmetic tool, which can help you to iron eyelashes better and make the makeup process smoother.
2. High quality material: the product is made of high quality silica gel material, which is safe and comfortable to use, does not produce any irritation to skin, and greatly reduces discomfort during makeup.
3. Convenient and fast: using this kind of eyelash separator to iron eyelash silicone gasket, it is convenient and quick to iron the roll and separate eyelashes, greatly improving the makeup efficiency.
4. Suitable for various occasions: whether it is a professional makeup artist or a novice makeup artist, whether going to dinner or daily makeup, this is a very practical makeup auxiliary tool, allowing you to have enviable eyelashes at any time.
5. Durable: silicone gasket design, waterproof, sweat-proof, even in intense exercise or hot summer can keep eyelash curling, durable.
How to use:
Step 1: Secure the Lash Separator Pads with adhesive tape.
Step 2: Apply any lubricating oil you can use at home to the slides of separator pad.
Step 3: Install lash separator clips on the slide of separator pad and adjust the position according to the distance.
Step 4: Separate the lashes and place the excess lashes onto the 2 legs of the clip.
1. Due to the different monitor and light effect, the actual color of the item might be slightly different from the color which is showed on the pictures.
2. Please forgive 1 cm/0.39"-3 cm/1.18" measuring deviation due to manual measurement.
Eyelash Separator For Eyelash Extension Efficient aid For Eyelash Grafting For Beginners Professional Makeup Tool
When using, use with any lubricating oil. It will be more convenient to use and can extend the service life of the product.

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I’m so excited to try this. The order came in good condition and nothing was missing. The kit is cute and you a good amount of product. Can’t wait to use it!


I arrived well what I expected resistant and for the function I need to separate the eyelashes


the seller put a lot of gifts, I will try it, I will add feedback