DIY Cluster Eyelash Kits For Lash Extensions

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【Refuse Falling Apart With Upgrade Thread Band-Cluster Lashes】Compared with ordinary lash clusters, our lash clusters band is made from thread band, softer, stronger and thinner. So you will feel easier and more comfortable when using the DIY cluster lashes. Easy to pick up without falling apart, soft and comfortable to wear, resuable for several times, upgrade thread band will give you a delighted shopping experience.The lash clusters are designed to give you fuller lashes that look more natural than traditional false eyelashes.
【Premium Clusters Eyelash Applicator Tool】The lash clusters tweezers made of premium stainless steel, close well, great grip make grab clusters lashes easier. Gentle formula cluster bond and seal with excellent waterproof and long-lasting power, 2 in 1 - made for your convenience, easy to apply without clumpy and easy to remove by lash clusters glue remvover, without residue.
【2-in-1 lash glue】The dual-ended glue features a bond-in-2 design, glued at one end with a mini mascara brush for easy and even application, and a sealed other that forms a protective layer that keeps lash clusters wear long-lasting.
【Usage method】
1.use an eyelash curler to curl up your eyelash curler
2.apply glue to the eyelashes and brush evenly
3.easily grip fake eyelashes with tweezers
4.false eyelashes stick to the eyes in sequence
5.comb your eyelashes and eyebrows with an eyelash comb
6.remove the stickiness on your eyelashes with sealing liquid to protect your eyelashes

Customer Reviews

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I liked them very much they are not so hard and the adhesive is good


Everything is perfect definitely get these and lengths and mapping included


So far so good .. clean application with curved wand makes it easy to apply.. id recommend.,. Nice lashes they have thick and thinner more natural lashes in the same pack which is great..