5D Long-lasting Electric Eyelash Curler


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Latest innovation: Electric Eyelash Curler!
- 3 smart temperature settings, preheats in just 10s for long-lasting curls.
- Intelligent auto-off feature for safety, no more worries about burning lashes or lids!
- Easy to use, achieve perfect curls in minutes!
- Compact and portable, a must-have for your travel essentials.
360° Curling: Achieve curls from every angle with this innovative electric eyelash curler. Its unique design allows for a 360-degree curling effect, ensuring that it fits perfectly to the outlines of your eye. Suitable for a wide range of users, this curler provides exceptional results.
Three adjustable temperature settings with one-touch control: The temperature adjustable heating pad combined with the three heat settings allow customizing the heat level according to eyelash type and desired curl. Achieve perfect curls with precision.
Lasting Curling: Say goodbye to droopy lashes! This push-up eyelash curler is designed to give your lashes a long-lasting curl. It has the power to transform your lashes, making them look beautiful and curled throughout the entire day. No need to worry about touch-ups or re-curling.
Temperature Control: Customized curling experience is now within your reach with this push-up heated eyelash curler. It features adjustable temperature settings, allowing you to find the perfect heat for your lashes. Whether you have thin or thick lashes, this curler is suited for all eyelash types.
Easy to Use: No more struggling with traditional curlers. This eyelash curler is extremely easy to use. Simply select the preferred temperature, and gently press the preheated curler at the root of your lashes. Hold for a few seconds, and let the magic unfold. Effortless curls are just a step away.
Portable Convenience: You can use type-c charging without having to replace the battery repeatedly. Lash curler heat with compact design is not only convenient for you to use, but also easy to carry when traveling, it does not occupy your space, and has perfect eyelashes anytime and anywhere! Designed with portability in mind, this push-up eyelash curler is compact. It easily fits into your makeup bag or purse, allowing you to curl your lashes on the go.

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Heating is fast, the temperature is appropriate, and the effect is obvious after use. It can be used for a long time after charging, and I am very satisfied