3ml High Quality Teeth Whitening Gel Desensitization

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product name: desensitizing gel
Specification model: 3ml / pc
main ingredient: 3% potassium nitrate
Indications: for patients with dentin hypersensitivity
3ML Teeth Remineralization Gel Teeth Whitening Desensitizing Gel With Tips
1.Teeth whitening desensitization gel strengthens and revitalizes your teeth by increasing the calcium content. Very important for strength.
2.When you use the Remineralisation Gel, Calcium Phosphate, (which is the primary mineral in your teeth and bones) disperses into your teeth to fill the microscopic holes on surface of tooth, making teeth stronger and more resistant to tooth decay. So not only will your smile be radiant, it’ll be long lasting too!
3.Remineralization Gel increases the hardness of your tooth enamel and assists in decreasing tooth sensitivity. No more pain!
4.Great for people who experience sensitivity to hot and cold.
1 Clean the teeth and mouth before using the desensitizing gel;
2 Remove the cap of the needle tube and uniformly inject the desensitized gel into the tray, each time using about 1ml;
3 Put the toothed tray of the desensitized gel on the dentition, gently press to make the tray completely match the teeth, and wipe the overflow desensitizing gel with a paper towel or cotton ball;
4 Use once a day for 30 minutes, each treatment for 7-9 days.
5 After use, brush the desensitizing gel on the tooth surface, rinse the tray with cold water, dry it, and put it into the tray for later use. It is recommended that the tray be properly kept for use in the consolidation of treatment.
1)Teeth Whitening Gel Syringe contains 22% Carbamide Peroxide, have no harm to your gums, which is of the highest professional grade whitening gel used by dentists to remove years of teeth stains from wine, coffee, tea, soda, smoking and more.
2)Experience a radiant smile without an expensive trip to the dentist and enjoy the convenience of whitening your teeth in the comfort of your own home and on your time.
3)Each syringe has a secure cap to prevent leakage, maintain gel quality and preserve freshness to bring you healthy teeth.
Achieve Stain-free Smile: Teeth Whitening Gels can quickly and safely remove all cigarette, coffee and tea stains that have been formed through the years, and help you find your whitening smile easily.


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I’ve used other whitening gels with good results, but I found this set easier to use than others I have tried. This product has a nice thinner consistency that comes out easily and adheres to the edge of the trays.