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【Upgraded 3D Magic Microblading Eyebrow Pencil】Experience the uniqueness of our Eyebrow Pen with its innovative four-point pen tip. Brush your eyebrows effortlessly, ensuring clear roots and a natural, durable look.
【Creating Natural Look】Are you struggling with perfecting your brows? No mess and No skills required, friendly to beignners! Our  Eyebrow Pen brush allows you to easily draw, shape and define brows. SUPER EASY to achieve natural-looking, flawless eyebrows resembling 3D natural real hair in seconds! Just like your real brows.
【All-Day Waterproof, Long-Lasting】Our long-lasting formula ensures your makeup stays put all day, even through sweat, rain, and water sports. Say goodbye to smudging and fading, and enjoy worry-free beauty that lasts.
【Easy to Use】For best results, apply the eyebrow pen on dry skin of your eyebrows or without any protective skincare products. Avoid using it on top of makeup powder, as oil on the surface can block the pen tip, leading to uneven application. ❤NOTE❤-Please SHAKE the brow pencil a few times before use. When not in use, ALWAYS keep the cap tight! Make sure you hear the CLICK when closing it! ALWAYS store the pen flat!
【Enhance Your Natural Beauty】By using our eyebrow contouring pen and pencil, you can enhance your eyebrows and create the appearance of fuller, more defined brows. Fill in any gaps or sparse areas to achieve a natural and polished look. Our eyebrow pencil allows for easy customization and control, so you can create the desired shape and intensity.
【Effortlessly Create a Natural Look】This eyebrow pen is loved by both beginners and professionals. Follow the eyebrow contour to apply color. Repeating the steps allows you to enhance depth, achieve clearer and more natural eyebrows, all while saving precious time.
【Waterproof Magic Eyebrow Pencil】Our eyebrow pencil features a micro-forked applicator, making it easier than ever to draw natural eyebrows compared to regular eyebrow pencils. Each stroke creates clear, defined eyebrows, drawing everyone's attention.

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I liked it a lot. Was what I was looking for.😍It came very quickly to Mexico. It has no odors and is waterproof.